Welcome to the Disability Innovation Institute

We are a world-first initiative, harnessing inclusive and interdisciplinary research with people with disability to seek innovative solutions.

Our vision is to produce sustainable change in the lives of people with disability creating and sharing knowledge that is interdisciplinary, innovative and inclusive through research and education

Inclusive approach

Conducting interdisciplinary research and education in partnership with people with disability, uniquely combining disability studies with STEM and HASS research and education. 

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People with disability and representative organisations

Linking people with disability and their representative organisations with researchers and industry.

Policy support

Developing evidence-based policy that creates transformative solutions to improve the life experiences of people with disability. 


Industry partners

Working in partnership with industry and service providers to develop interdisciplinary evidence to support global and local disability innovation.


Inclusive research

Grounded in inclusive research where people with disability are involved not just as participants, but as co-creators of knowledge.


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Inclusive education 

Defined as the ability of all students, regardless of disability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, nationality, language, gender, sexual orientation or faith, to access and fully participate in learning.

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