Tyree Room, John Niland Scientia Building
There are over 1,300 UNSW students registered with Disability Services who have declared they have a disability that
University of Sydney, Department of Media and Communications Event The Relevance of Culture in the Age of AI
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UNSW Australia - Room 119, Level 1 John Goodsell Building, High Street, Kensington Sydney, NSW 2052
This lecture will provide an overview of the social history of intellectual disability, a disciplinary field of study
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Colonial Theatre, AGSM Building, Kensington Campus
Inclusive research with people with intellectual disabilities: exploring issues of interdisciplinarity, ethics and
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Room 232, Matthews Building (F23), Gate 11 Botany Street, Kensington NSW 2033
We are pleased to announce the Disability Innovation Institute’s second Research Seminar event of 2019. An interactive
Room 221-223, Level 2, John Goodsell Building (F20), Kensington Campus
Quantitative research has a long history of exclusion. It is also critiqued for failing to produce rich, contextualized
Tyree Room | John Niland Scientia (G19) | UNSW | Kensington Campus, NSW 2033
A showcase of research funded through the 2019 Disability Innovation Institute UNSW seed funding program. The Disability
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Information accessibility is a right under that UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article 21)
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People with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities have a right to be included in society under the UN