Literature Review on Evidence-Based Practice in Inclusive Education

| 01 Apr 2022

The NSW Department of Education engaged the Institute's Academic Lead Education Professor Iva Strnadov√° and its Emeritus Professor Leanne Dowse, along with Dr Joanne Danker and Institute Associate Michelle Tso, to review literature on evidence-based practices proven by high-quality research to improve outcomes for students with disability.

The review found a range of evidence-based practices that are proven to achieve these outcomes. These practices can be used in diverse environments and with diverse populations of students with disability to assist them in achieving academic, social, emotional, self-determination and life skills outcomes.

However, there was no comprehensive evidence across all studies about the relationship between a practice and its outcomes. The review recognised the need for evidence-based practices in a personalised learning approach that assesses an indivudual student's strenghts and needs.