Take part in Diversified!

Are you a neurodivergent student, or an advocate for the neurodivergent community at UNSW? Would you like to make a significant impact on teaching and learning practices at your university? Are you interested in the opportunity to co-design with your instructors to create a more inclusive learning environment? The Diversified group invites you to take part in an innovative project designed to revolutionise how education is delivered at UNSW.

What is the project?

This groundbreaking project aims to co-design and develop a toolkit of inclusive teaching modules and supplementary resources for UNSW's teaching staff. As a neurodivergent student, your unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas are essential to making sure this toolkit is designed in a way that is truly inclusive and promotes a learning environment that values and leverages neurodiversity. The toolkit will be a comprehensive set of materials aimed at improving instructors' understandings of neurodiversity and offering practical ways to make their courses and teaching practices more inclusive.

What will be my role?

Your role involves participating in a series of three two-hour workshops, scheduled for two dates in September and one in October. During these workshops, you'll collaborate with UNSW teaching staff to co-design the "how-to" fact sheets, checklists, and videos that will form the core of the inclusive teaching toolkit. The first two workshops will be dedicated to brainstorming and designing the materials, which will then be sent to professional designers to bring your ideas to life. The final workshop will allow you to review and refine the materials. You will be compensated for your time.

How can I register my interest?

We would be thrilled to have you join this project and contribute to enhancing the inclusivity of teaching at UNSW. If you have any questions or wish to register your interest, please email Aaron Saint-James Bugge (Project Manager) at a.bugge@unsw.edu.au or Terry Cumming at t.cumming@unsw.edu.au.

Neurodiversity with Diversified

This video was funded by the Faculty of Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA) EDI and is a collaboration with Diversified and ADA Co-champions Alexander Smith and Karen Kriss.